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The neurodiverse community we support includes individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, similar Autism Spectrum profiles, Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorders.

Our team is not unfamiliar with the gains brought about by relentless advocacy and compassionate accommodations and how neurodiversity can be a competitive advantage.

ASpectrum relies on our experienced team of professional job coaches and business development managers in order to provide consultations for parents, training for professionals, and services for employers.

We know through experience that when neurodiversity connects with proper support systems the potential return is limitless!

Opportunity + Innovation + Inclusion = Employment

Complete and customized wrap-around employment supports, we provide it all. We’re about building long-term working relationships and maintaining them. We see the big employment picture and can help you reframe it.


Welcome to the ASpectrum website. ASpectrum specializes in strength-based, trauma informed job and career development coaching for neurodiverse individuals facing barriers to employment.


Your donation is sincerely appreciated. Although ASpectrum is fee-for-service, we attempt to support as many job seekers as possible who approach us, regardless of their ability to pay our fees. Your donation removes a financial barrier and helps support a neurodiverse candidate access pre and post employment supports.